Factory of the Future: Adopting New Solutions to Prepare for Future Challenges

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Developing Automation Solutions for the Future of Production The Nagaoka Review team spoke with Richard Chen, Manager of the Plant Automation Team at Mitsubishi Fuso Truck and Bus Corporation (MFTBC)…

The Beauty of Momiji Season in Japan

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From skiing in Hokkaido to sunbathing in Okinawa, Japan has a vast range of activities throughout the year. However, when is the best time to visit Japan? According to Japanese…

Against the Odds? Standing out with Oddvertising

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The advertising industry is contending with some tough challenges these days. Ad blockers, escalating costs, the rise of new avenues for marketing such as virtual and augmented reality, and an…

Living in The Moment

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Living in the moment: A reflection of awareness, mindfulness, and being present in the now.

Ryota Toyoba: Bridging International Experience Locally

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Life is indeed unpredictable with changes happening fast so fast, the only way one could cope is by adapting quickly as change comes. The education industry is one of the…

Chayani Dilrukshi: Building Better World Activities Based on the SDGs Goals and Research Activity

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According to UNDP, the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), also known as the Global Goals, were adopted by the United Nations in 2015 as a universal call to action to end poverty,…

Disruption, Innovation, Insight: Looking to the Future with Exciting Tech

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The atmosphere of uncertainty that permeates our present collective experience has been causing massive disruptions in our planning and decision-making processes. With so many questions on the horizon, it may…

World Bound by History – The Mid-Autumn Festival in Japan

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Ryutogekisu-bune (龍頭鷁首舟) at the famous Osawa pond in Kyoto, one of the three major moon viewing spots in Japan. Image via Pubnews. Moon Watching in Kyoto. Video by ANA Global…
Men Impossible

The Impossible Ramen: Palatable, Plant-based, Planet-friendly

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Can a bowl of ramen help save the world? One Amsterdam restaurant thinks so. Enter Men Impossible: a 100% plant-based ramen with no MSG and additives. It promises to bring…

From Gen Z: Toward a Vibrant and Multicultural Symbiotic Society

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We often hear the sentiment that young people are the future. They will be the ones to shape and change our world in unimaginable ways. They will be the ones…

Kento Suemitsu: Enabling the Brain to Communicate for Motor Rehabilitation

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How do you enable the brain to communicate? This is the main challenge that students like Kento Suemitsu seeks to answer. Born and raised in Kagoshima Prefecture, the southernmost part…

Yōsuke Hara: Working for a Community with a Shared Future by Promoting International Cooperation and Multilateralism

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IGI Global defines the general concept of International Cooperation as "a universal mode of interaction between two or more countries based on sharing research results, production, commerce, protection of investments, and…

The 8C’s of an Effective Communicator

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To become an effective leader, excellent communication skill is vital. Communication is necessary for people to share information, to understand one another, and to be understood. The positive impact of…

Hiroyoshi Kuno: International Experience Makes a Difference

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The experience of studying abroad or in another part of the same country, with its new setting, new culture, new classmates and professors, new activities, and new travel experiences—takes students…

Honoka Ito: Discover Your WHY

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In the words of Simon Sinek, "whether you are an entrepreneur, an employee, a leader of a team, or are looking to find clarity on your next move, your WHY…

Naoya Yamaguchi: Turning Up the Heat with Self-Healing Ceramics

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The world is headed to a different direction with strong emphasis placed on sustainability and the creation of circular economy. With the level of education rising around the world, people…

Chloe Choe Wei Ee: VLC the Future of Wireless Communication Technology

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From the first campfires to the oil-filled lamp and electric torch, artificial light is an indispensable element of our life. The objective has been to provide illumination in areas that…

Introduction to Digital Marketing & Communication

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As engineers, you have confidence in creating great products and developing innovations. But did you know that even great products can flop when they launch to no one? In today’s…
Samsul Bhakri

Samsul Bhakri: Making a Difference through Research on Self-Healing and Recyclable Rubber

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Imagine driving a car and getting your tire punctured unexpectedly. It certainly is a hassle for you to get this fixed and replaced but more so for the environment, where…

Digital Presence & The Importance of Personal Branding

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“If You Are Not Searchable on Google, You Do Not Exist” For some of us, this saying sounds familiar. In fact, CapGemini quoted this back in the 2010 article titled,…

Sambe Mangoné: Promoting Africa-Japan Mutual Partnership through Research in Geotechnical Engineering

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How far are you willing to go to make your dreams come true? Born and raised in Senegal, a country in West Africa, Sambe Mangoné crossed two continents to study…


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