CoronaTracker: Social Innovation through Data

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A recent outbreak of the new coronavirus, also known as COVID-19 or SARS-CoV-2 had caused panic around the world.…
Doing Your Dreams

Fight for your dreams! An entrepreneur’s guide to inspiration and activation

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Author and marketing strategist Dev Glover believes that entrepreneur and creators will be responsible for the most powerful lifestyle…
Idea Dojo

Creativity and Imagination: Tetsuya Kaida’s Idea Dojo

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For Tetsuya Kaida, the world is brimming with interesting things. As one of the brilliant minds behind several revolutionary…
Saturday Kids Japan Coding Class

Kids coding in English

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We have all heard how tech leaders such as Bill Gates (Microsoft), Jack Dorsey (Twitter), and Mark Zuckerberg (Facebook) all…
The Future of Work

Protected: The future of work

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Murata Electronics Capitalizing on Cultural Intelligence to Promote Inclusion & Enhance Global Dexterity

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One of the main priorities of our learning strategy is Diversity and Inclusion. Our leadership team consistently evaluates our…

NUT: Cultivating next-gen engineers

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Industry leaders and innovators are how Nagaoka University of Technology Education Administrator, Dr. Mami Katsumi, pictures the path that…

Combating the global plastic problem, one biobag at a time

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Education and collaboration play vital roles in the battle against global environmental concerns, such as the plastic problem. For…

Flip The Burger!

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Have you ever eaten a burger "upside down"? Or asked a "flipped" question? Explore the unasked questions to discover…
What is Social Innovation

What is social innovation and why it matters

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The field of social innovation is not a new practice but has never generated much more noise than today.…

Harmonizing the Human-Robot Interaction

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An interview with Dr. Tran on her latest research on harmonizing the Human-Robot interaction and her thoughts on the…
Students at the University of Central Asia’s Naryn Campus, Kyrgyz Republic.

How the University of Central Asia prepares the workforce of the future

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As the digital space continues to evolve, a lot of organizations are forced to change the way they do business…