What is Social Innovation

What is social innovation and why it matters

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The field of social innovation is not a new practice but has never generated much more noise than today.…

Harmonizing the Human-Robot Interaction

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An interview with Dr. Tran on her latest research on harmonizing the Human-Robot interaction and her thoughts on the…
Students at the University of Central Asia’s Naryn Campus, Kyrgyz Republic.

How the University of Central Asia prepares the workforce of the future

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As the digital space continues to evolve, a lot of organizations are forced to change the way they do business…

The Future of Japanese Education

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At this point in time, evolution and change is rapid. Technology evolves daily. But with all the changes, we…
Digital Marketing

How to Capture More Value from Digital Marketing

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Today’s digital age has transformed the rules of customer engagement. More prominently back then, business owners go out to…

To wear or to wear not the Psychological Safety Hat

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One simple example a kindergarten teacher gave was, “Are you comfortable enough to let out an embarrassing fart in…

Land of Werewolves and High Tech

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If you type 'Transylvania' in your search bar, the web browser instantly reveals images of medieval castles and gothic architecture,…

Tech Edu: Keeping up with the times with Tech in Education

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An interview with Professor Ohishi, Vice President of the Nagaoka University of Technology on his thoughts on the University,…

Cultural Intelligence (CQ): The Tao to intelligent perspective in a diverse environment

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Have you ever thought about the concept of Cultural Intelligence (CQ)? Why do we need Cultural Intelligence (CQ)? Why…

KPI as a Business Communication Tool

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As the end of 2019 approaches, companies prepare for their year-end shut down and finalize their plans for the…

An Interview with Alexandru Dudescu

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An interview with a Romanian student with strong passion in Japan and the Japanese culture
Hisae Fukazawa at work

Human-Based Communication: The Secret to Salon Success

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To create a successful service offering, every business must identify what aspect of the service it needs to excel…