Snow Story: Cultivating Sweeter Vegetables Under Snow

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Niigata is one of the places with the highest snowfall in the world. The dry, cold atmospheric pressure from…

Time Travel: How the Japanese Domestic Macaroni Was Born in Kamo, Niigata

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The story behind the birth of domestic macaroni dates back to the Taisho era, a period between 1912-1926, when…

Studying in Japan: The Story of Amal Labidi of Tunisia, Who Studies at NUT

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"A brilliant university is a diverse university,"  is one of the mottos of Oxford University. But if we look…

Cultural Differences: A Method of Expressing Culture or a Barrier in the Negotiation Process?

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The sphere of international negotiations has expanded considerably in the last decade, so we can easily see that intercultural…

Goodbye 2020, Hello 2021

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The end of the year has always been a time where most people would slowly wind down and relax,…

Can Japan’s Economy Bounce Back?

| business, history | No Comments
The year 2020 has been tough on the global economy due to the pandemic and the worldwide recession, starting…

Daisuke Kikuchi: About Startups, Innovation and Cities of the Future

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This written interview follows a conversation I had with Daisuke “Dice-K” Kikuchi, a seasoned innovator, serial entrepreneur and investor…
Woven City at the base of Mount Fuji

Woven City: The Field of Dreams, Imagined by Toyota

| clean energy, innovation, mobility, robotics, smart cities | No Comments
Nested at the base of Mount Fuji and powered by hydrogen fuel cells, Woven City illustrates the city of…

Human-Robot Collaboration: A Design Thinking Approach

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In a previous article, we explored how RPA can be used to create a new reality for organizations that…

5 Interesting Facts You Probably Didn’t Know about Niigata

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From a very young age, Yasutaka Yumoto has developed a keen interest in Japanese history and culture. Growing up,…

What Can We Expect from 3D Technology in the Future?

| 3D Technology, future, innovation, student experiences | No Comments
Humanity is gradually entering a new development stage; when the past decades' achievements fade into the background, modern technologies…

Time Travelling Japan, Part Two: Towns That Stood Still.

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Carved deep in the mountains by the Kiso River, the Kiso Valley (木曾谷) lies in southeastern Nagano prefecture, safeguarded…


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