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All Ears: Making Social Listening Work for Marketing

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The popularity of social media use has made available various marketing resources that have enormous potential but may go under the radar for those accustomed to more traditional strategies. One…

Taihei Shimamine: On the Behavior of Cellular Automata

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Taihei Shimamine graduated from the Nagaoka University of Technology at the beginning of this year and is currently following his career in the cybersecurity industry. He majored in Information and…

Juggling Career, Children and Graduate School

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As a single mom living in one of the most expensive cities in the world: Tokyo.  I have gained enough experience to share with other parents. My experience is especially…
Snow Peak Products

Snow Peak: Enriching Outdoor Experience with Minimalist and Sturdy Outdoor Products

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In this fast-paced life, nature and outdoors are some of the best places that can help reduce stress, and re-energize people physically and mentally. A memorable, worthwhile, and to a…

Discovering Creative Solutions through Team Management and Mindset

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Design Thinking is no longer a new concept. Around the world, people are practicing the step-by-step approach to achieving creative problem solving. A concept popularized by IDEO, businesses are starting…

Zen Nagai – Creating Business & Environmental Sustainability Through Academic Research

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The relationship between business, the society, and the environment is intricate yet dynamic, continuously influencing each other to form an interactive social system. Business decisions are often driven by the…

Student Experiences: COVID-19 and its impact on education, social life and mental health of students

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Two years. It is hard to believe it has been two whole years since we first started hearing of the Coronavirus. Harder still to think that we haven’t yet listened…
Project WA

Student Organization WA!!: Making Nagaoka a City of Multicultural Coexistence

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With manufacturing industries and institutions focused on top-level education and research, Nagaoka is considered home by over 2,500 foreign residents. These residents with foreign roots help fill the labor shortage…

What is the Real Value of Technology?

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At this moment, different kinds of technologies are developed and improved all around the world. They are implemented in excellent tools and resources we use every day. We cannot deny…

Design Thinking 101: Basics in Understanding Design Thinking

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DESIGN THINKING is a human-centric solutions-based approach to solving problems. It encompasses a way of thinking coupled with an assortment of hands-on techniques to seeking solutions. Design Thinking is iterative…

Nomin Buyanbaatar: Representing Mongolia in The Japanese Society

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The bulk of international students studying abroad in Japan came here to learn much more about their areas of expertise. The life of a typical graduate student in Japan is…

Glocalization: How Starbucks Adapt and Enhance the Regional Offerings of Japan

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When speaking about successful companies who have "glocalized" well in their new market, Starbucks often comes to mind. From seasonal offerings like Pumpkin Spice Latte served in fall season in…

Suwada: Modernizing Traditional Japanese Crafts in the Town of Sanjo

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Traditional and modern techniques are often compared, but Japanese blades and cutting tools brand Suwada proved that both can be combined to produce the best products for consumers. Started as…

How is Augmented Reality Being Developed to Advance Learning Capabilities in Business?

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What is Augmented Reality to Businesses? One of the most talked about technologies today is that of Augmented Reality (AR), and we are seeing an increasing number of applications and…

YASHIBE: A Full-Scale Authentic Romanian Cuisine

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Andra Grosu, CEO and Founder of Yashibe. Image via  Yashibe Andra Grosu is the owner and founder of Yasibe, a successful Romanian restaurant based in Gifu, a landlocked area found…
Hitting the Target

The Why, What, and How of Project Management

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If you are a product manager, digital marketer, or an entrepreneur aiming to get your business off the ground, chances are, you are working in a highly matrix team comprised…

Japan, the Land of “Limited Edition”

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Browsing through convenience stores in Japan, one would always chance upon the word Limited Edition (Gentei, 限定). Be it an item in the snack aisle, a drink in the chilled…
Freelancing in Japan

Between Stability and Flexibility: Japan’s Growing Gig Economy

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In a country like Japan that traditionally values permanent employment, flexible employment practices such as freelance or gig work have always been fairly uncommon. So ingrained is the concept of…

Competitiveness Through Sustainability: Doing Good Makes Good Business Sense

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In a recent Enterprise Network update published by The Times, Magnus Boyd, a corporate reputation specialist and partner at Schillings, the law firm, warned that "It just got real, "what SMEs are…
Content is King

Content is Still King: Recent Trends in Content Marketing

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Bill Gates’ 1996 essay called “Content is King” predicted that opportunities abound online for those who generate content. At a time when the number of Internet users was just beginning…

Fathers, The Silent Heroes

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The third Sunday is also known as Father’s Day. First observed in the United States of America, it has been actively adopted by many countries over the years. In 2021,…


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